SHG formation & micro-finance


The NGO has formed 753 SHGs of Women in 5 districts of Gujarat involving of about 10,542 poor Rural and Tribal women with the extreme support of DRDA, SGYS, NYKS and NABARD.

         The SHGs are trained with series of training programs and therefore, they are able to uplift their social-economic status. The NGO has put its sincere efforts for credit linkage facility of Bank made available to the needy SHGs, as much as 150 SHGs are able to establish their credit linkage system with the Banks.All the SHGs have opened their Bank Accounts, deposited their savings and used such savings in internal landing.



The Ngo has conducted series of training programs across the working field such as Paper Cup Making, Tailoring, Embroidery, bags making, Resin Products( FRP) Making, Bhindi Resha Articles Making, Fly Ash Bricks Making, Alovera Products Making, Organic  Farming, financial Literacy, Awareness of Health and Sanitation, Savings  and vocational. Those training programs are as under:  

Sr.No Name of Training Programs Training Camps / Campaign in numbers Participants involved in numbers
1 Paper Cup Making     42    714
2 Tailoring     24     360
3 Embroidery     37    518
4 Bags Making     09    135
5 Resin Products(FRP) Making     08    128
6 Bhindi Resha Articles Making     23    368
7 Fly Ash Bricks Making   122  1708
8 Aloevera Products Making     32    480
9 Organic Farming     17    289
10 Financial Literacy   753 10542
11 Health & Sanitation     54    972
12 Savings   753 10542

           Most of the Training programs are supported by the various Faculties such as Rural Technology Institute, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Agricultural University, Government Agencies and other Private institutions.


          The NGO has put its sincere efforts to establish credit linkage channel between Banks and SHGs and thus 150 numbers of SHGs are able to get their credit linkages. The NGO is constantly monitoring the financial activities of these SHGs and observed that the SHGs repay their instalments to the bank regularly. The internal landing of their savings are also monitored by the NGO. It is also observed by the NGO that the fund of the SHGs is strictly used in their business activities only instead of in their other modes. This is only for to maintain income generation ratio of SHGs and to avoid bed-debts. Though the NGO is not directly involved in micro finance with these SHGs but indirectly the NGO is involved in monitoring financial activities, therefore, these efforts of the NGO may consider as Micro finance activity. It is worth to mention here that the 40 numbers of JLGs are directly attached with the NGO for their financial requirements and hence it is nothing butone kind of micro finance activity. At present, the Dena bank, Umreth has sanctioned Rs. 30,00,000/- for micro finance to the NGO. The NGO  has  successfully advanced to its SHGs and other poor for their business activities. The NGO is being keep sharp watch on activities of those SHGs and other poor. The NABARD has appreciated the first step of the NGO on the path of micro finance and promise to accord their help in this area. However, still the NGO is intend to spread its activities in this areas of Micro Finance with the assistance of other financial institutions and banks to help needy poor people who wish to enhance their socio economic status.