The NGO has organised so many activities and programs in co-ordination with Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan  of Government of India.(NYKS).The NGO has formed 250 Youth Clubs involving 3750 youths to  mobilize the Youth Activities. In accordance with these sports clubs, the NGO has performed so many Youth Oriented programs like, self development, awareness generation, vocational training, sports promotion, work shops & seminars, cultural programs, work camps, adventure promotion, celebration of days /weeks, voluntary blood donation campaign, Rural sports club scheme and research & development activities. 


As per the guidelines of NYKS, the  NGO has formed 250 numbers of Youth Clubs and activated them to participates in sports and involve them in social welfare services .


This very program is specially design to create think power of youth for solution of immediate and prevailing problems which effecting the life style of rural people. In Five days campaign, the youth learne the methodology to develop their analytical skill and justification capacity.


To improve vocational skill of the Youth, the series of vocational training programs are arranged periodically by the NGO.Due to this training, the youth may supplement their income from the existing business.


This very program is organised to make popular the traditional rural sports and games which required minimum infrastructure, equipment and finance.


The main objective of this program is to create interest in philosophy, spirit and history of nation and world-wide and  also to develop the sense of national integration.


Main objective of this program is to promote and encourage the local folk, tradition and culture. The important social messages may convey through this program.


The 25 youths involve in Five days camp and learn about skill promotion, quality leadership, management, sense of labour dignity, implementation capacity and  management of Community assets. The practical “ SHRAMDAN” is also performed in this camp.


The aim of this program is to install the spirit of adventure, determination and confidence amongst the youth. This activity promotes nature appreciation, develop empathy, care of ecology and conservation of natural resources. This activity taken up to selected sites only. The Activities like Tracking, Cross country cycling, Water sports and wild life trips make deep impact on youth and built their strong potentiality.


This program is arranged to generate the awareness about the objectives and philosophy behind the celebration of days /weeks amongst the youth. Especially the independence day, republic day, world population day, AIDS day, Literacy day, rural development week, welfare week Quami Akta Week are celebrated under this program.


The NGO is arranging blood donation camps and collect the blood and send it to nearby Indian Red Cross society. These campaigns are arranged to encourage and motivate the  youth for voluntary blood donation through participation.

The various youth oriented programs arranged by the NGO are as under:

Sr. No.Description of programNumbers programsPlace of program
1Cricket Tournament with MCC Ball16Rajpipala & Kevadia Colony
With Tennis Ball16 
2Vollyball Competition at state level2Kevadia Colony
3Kabbadi Competion  
Narmada District level2Kevadia Colony
State level2 
4Adventure Camps  
Para sallings3Pawaghdh
Para sailling2Rajpipala
Jungle Saffari5Shulpaneswar, Dist. Narmada
5Cultural Program  
Bhajan Sandhya2Kevadia Colony
Musical Nights1 
Nukkad Natak (Drama)3 
Song Competition2 
National integration song program2Rajpipala
Book fair1 
6Spot Promotion program1Kevadia Colony
7Vocation Training program3Rajpipala
8Work shop & Seminar1Vallabh Vidhyanagar
9Work Camp1Rajpipala
 1Kevadia Colony
10Blood Donation Camp3Kevadia Colony