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Health and Sanitation



                    The Associate concern of the NGO namely “ Nutan Ayurvedic Research Centre” at Village Narsanda, Dist. Kheda is engaged in the research and development work of alternative medicine through different kinds of medicinal plants. The team of expertise is continuously engaged in this work and already invented 40 numbers of different kinds of hurbal medicine and cosmetic products from the medicinal plants of Aloevera- the Barbandis Muller. The success value of these products are very much high and easily accepted by the needy people. The research institute gives Aloevera plants and financial assistance to the interested farmers to develop the plantation in their farms. The institute get back entire production of Aloevera under the buy-back system and thus the farmers earn handsome profit under this system. The NGO has selected nine numbers of work oriented SHGs of Umreth Area and got them involved in the production of Aloevera Hurbal soaps. On account of help and assistance of NGO, the said SHGs are able to get Credit Linkage of Rs. 3 lakhs from the Dena Bank, Umreth. The SHGs have purchased Aloevera soap making machinery and started the soap making unit of their own. These SHGs are earning handsome profit in this work and repaying their bank loan installments easily. The members of SHGs are now seems very happy due to this dramatic success. Actually the main idea of the NGO is to get involve more and more members of SHGs in this project and to create opportunities of huge employment in Rural area through the marketing of Aloevera products. The interested SHGs are selected and trained to develop their marketing skill through series of training programs by the NGO. The trained members of SHGs are come forward and sell the Aloevara products under door to door campaign in Rural areas and get assured their sells commission up to 20 to 30% on sales price. The glittering faces of the SHGs members tell the success of the innovative step of the NGO to improve the livelihood of needy people in Rural areas. The District Rural Development Agency of Anand have allso  made request to the NGO to get train and involve their members of Shakhi Mandals in the field of marketing of Aloevera products. The NGO has accepted the request and trained the interested members of Shakhi Mandals through various training programs and thus these members are also earning handsome amount to improve their life style. In this marketing field, roundabout 480 members of 32 SHGs get involved and assured their self employment successfully and enrich their socio economic status. In the last year ( 2007-2008) these SHGs have sold the Aloevera products worth of  Rs. 1,75,00,000/- successfully in the market.


                       The District Rural Development Agency of Anand has invited the NGO to develop the Low Cost Sanitary Block for implementation of Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) project of the Government.. An event of the constant inspiration and due help of District Administration, the NGO is able to develop innovative Low Cost Sanitary Block. The NGO has designed such Sanitary Block and got constructed successfully. The very innovative design becomes very much popular amongst the rural people and  accepted by them.  Number of SHGs are trained by the NGO for making of such Low Cost Sanitary Blocks and get them ready to perform the construction activities. The  District Rural Development Agency of Anand  has appointed the NGO as a Facilitator for the said TSC Project. On account of constant and sincere efforts made by the NGO, at least 5000 no’s of Low Cost and high quality Sanitary Blocks are got completed successfully. These constant and sincere efforts of the NGO are appreciated by the Rural Development Commissioner,  Ministers of Gujarat State and other concerned Officials. This task of the NGO is spread out in other district of the Gujarat State. The other DRDAs of Gujarat State have enquired and requested the NGO to help them for fulfillment of their TSC project in their areas. Considering their request, now the NGO is being spread these activities on State Level. Central Government Officials and NABARD Officials have visited some of the areas where the TSC project has been successfully completed and they have appreciated the work got done by the NGO. On consideration of this appreciable work of TSC project, so many donors are came forward to fulfill the requirement of necessary funds, on the part of beneficiaries. As much as 25 number of SHGs of Umreth Taluka Area are came forward to perform the TSC project as their business activities with the help of the NGO.  They got the amount of  Rs. 12.50 lacs as revolving funds through Credit Linkage Scheme from Dena Bank, Umreth. DRDA has also help their Shakhi Mandals  and SHGs to obtain revolving funds from the various banks of the Anand District. At present the said SHGs are working successfully in their areas and earn handsome income. The sources of self employment of the Rural & Tribal People developed in different areas due to this sanitation campaign. The NGO is keeping its eyes constantly on this campaign to develop more and more employment in rural and tribal areas.